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Famously high in THC, our RK7 balances its strength with a delicious dark earthy flavor and surprising yet subtle overtones of minerals and grapes. Perfect for a hike in the trees or an after work hang by a bonfire with friends.


We love this AC/DC. This brilliant sativa-dominant variety is low in THC and very high in CBD. A favorite among the medical community, AC/DC rolls a tasty yet very social joint. If your boss calls, feel free to answer.


Chunk Norris is so strong that all the other varieties smoke it to get high. This powerful variety takes you on a multidimensional journey. It is not just one thing. Get ready to have fun listening to music, creating things, hanging with friends, or moving your body.


Our Dutch Treat variety has a rich savory pine quality that fills your mouth with a bold & delicious smack. The experience is uplifting, euphoric, and calming. Caution: Giggling may ensue.

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